Kelly Clarkson Dedicates Trisha Yearwood Cover to the Original 'Walkaway Joe'

Kelly Clarkson
Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

Kelly Clarkson covers Trisha Yearwood for Kellyoke on The Kelly Clarkson Show airing on March 18, 2021.

At the behest of an A-list actor, Kelly Clarkson indulged fans with a heart-wrenching cover of "Walkaway Joe" by Trisha Yearwood, featuring Don Henley of the Eagles, for Thursday's (March 18) Kellyoke.

The '90s country classic, which reached No. 2 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart in 1993, unravels the doomed relationship of a 17-year-old fool for love and her apathetic love interest. The original "Walkaway Joe" in the official music video, played by none other than Matthew McConaughey, was in the virtual audience and actually requested that Clarkson perform the ballad.

Following the Kellyoke segment of The Kelly Clarkson Show, McConaughey revealed that his cameo as the titular heartbreaker in the music video was his "first time in front of the camera," even before his breakout role in the 1993 stoner classic Dazed and Confused.

"In early 1992, I'm going to college here at the University of Texas -- this is before Dazed and Confused -- and I was trying to get odd jobs in front of the camera when I could. And I got cast in that music video to play Joe," the now-51-year-old actor explained. "Things are going well. And then where we end up at the last stop, she wakes up and Joe, myself, is nowhere to be seen, therefore, aka the title 'Walkaway Joe.'"

Watch her Kellyoke cover of "Walkaway Joe" and McConaughey's explanation for the personal song request below.