Dolly Parton Makes Music With Her Mani for A Cappella '5 to 9' From Super Bowl Ad

Dolly Parton
Miller Mobley

Dolly Parton photographed on July 6, 2020 in Nashville.

Dolly Parton didn't just rework her 1980 hit "9 to 5" for her first Super Bowl ad; she also reworked her pink nail set as an instrument for an a cappella performance Monday (Feb. 8).

Parton looked pretty in pink for her effortless rendition of the revamped song, now dubbed "5 to 9," which honors professionals using their off-hours to work on passion projects. The spot, for the website-building and e-commerce platform Squarespace, aired Sunday during the Super Bowl.

"Working 5 to 9, making something of your own now/ And it feels so fine to build a business from your know-how/ Gonna move ahead, and there’s nothing that you can’t do/ When you listen to that little voice inside you," Parton sings on the revamped version. "Yeah 5 to 9, you’ve got passion and a vision/ 'Cause it’s hustlin’ time, whole new way to make a livin’/ Gonna change your life, do something that gives it meaning/ With a website that is worthy of your dreaming."

The Squarespace ad features a bunch of disinterested co-workers at a grayscale office waiting till the clock strikes 5 so they can finally pursue their own passions, as their cubicles transform into colorful workspaces. Parton doesn't make an official appearance in the commercial, but she does make a cute cameo, winking at the camera from the cover of the fictional Five-Nine magazine.

Parton features her own side hustle, the singer's namesake fragrance Dolly that has its own Squarespace site, during her "5 to 9" a cappella performance.

Watch it below.