Miranda Lambert Falls in Love With Hubby Brendan McLoughlin All Over Again in New Video: Watch

Miranda Lambert "Settling Down"
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Miranda Lambert "Settling Down"

When it came time to cast her first-ever music video love interest Miranda Lambert didn't look far. In fact, she just glanced across the dinner table at hubby Brendan McLoughlin, who throws a series of smoldering looks her way as the country star gallops through a field on horseback in a gloriously flowing blue and white dress.

The soft-focus visual for the mid-tempo ballad is like a Hallmark Channel movie come to life, with Miranda writing lyrics in a notebook near a picturesque lake, glass of red wine in hand, as she shoots loving glances across the water at hunky fisherman McLouglin.

"I'm a wild child and a homing pigeon/ Caravan and an empty kitchen/ Bare feet on the tile with my head up in the clouds/ I'm one heart goin' both directions/ One love and a couple of questions/Am I settlin' up or settlin' down?/ Am I settlin' up or settlin' down?" Lambert sings on the chorus.

When McLouglin casts her way and their eyes meet, well, the love connection is palpable. Pretty soon they're sharing a hammock and staring into each other's eyes as she strokes Brendan's bare chest and taking head-on-shoulder walks in the woods. Also, there's a shirtless cooking bit, because, c'mon, why not?

The clearly happy couple secretly married in January 2019 and former N.Y. city cop McLoughlin shared a shirtless sneak peek of the visual in a steamy Instagram post on Wednesday.

Watch "Settling Down" below.

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