Bellamy Brothers Partner With Cannabis Company Trulieve for 'Old Hippie Stash' Line: Exclusive

Bellamy Brothers
Derrek Kupish / dkupish productions

Bellamy Brothers

The Bellamy Brothers are getting into the cannabis business. The country duo have partnered with Florida-based medical cannabis provider Trulieve for a new line called Old Hippie Stash.

"Medical marijuana has really great health benefits when used responsibly,” David Bellamy tells Billboard. “I know it’s helped Howard and me on many levels. There was a stigma for so long, but now people are talking about it seriously and considering cannabis as an alternative for stress, anxiety, pain management and many other health factors.”

The Old Hippie flower product line is now available in Trulieve dispensaries across Florida. Old Hippie Stash includes initial strains Reggae Cowboy and Big Love. While Big Love is described as having a “piney and sweet” aroma, effects are typically “euphoric and cerebral,” aiming to provide “an uplifting experience that will wash away the stresses of your day.”

Reggae Cowboy, meanwhile, has an aroma described as “very floral and spicy with subtle pungent undertones.” It allegedly “packs a punch, this flower will provide a wave of tranquility and relaxation. The mellow sedative effects are accompanied with a tingling sensation throughout your body.”

The new product line is named after the Bellamys' 1985 song "Old Hippie," which spent two weeks at No. 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

"We are focused on providing a constantly evolving and expanding selection of high-quality cannabis products that meet the diverse medical needs of Florida patients," said Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers. "By partnering with Florida’s own Bellamy Brothers to launch a unique hybrid strain of flower, we are providing our patients with an exclusive signature product line with a throw-back quality that reflects David and Howard’s image for Old Hippie Stash, from their 1985 Billboard country single.”