Go Find a Walkman! Dennis Quaid Says He's Releasing New Podcast Via Cassette

Dennis Quaid podcast
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Dennis Quaid in a promo for The Denissance.

Has Dennis Quaid lost his mind? No, it turns out he just loves a good April Fools' Day joke. And at a time when we could all use a good laugh; the actor and musician is introducing his new podcast in the form of a hilarious promo video.

In a nearly two-minute clip, directed by Randy Slavin -- which Billboard exclusively premieres below -- Quaid explains the reasoning behind why his new podcast will be available only on cassette.

“Typically if you want to see a podcast you have to go looking on the Internet,” he says, complaining about WiFi, poor sound quality, complicated apps and buffering. “Who can take that? That’s why I’ve decided to distribute my new Audio Up podcast on cassette tapes.”

The new podcast -- aptly titled The Dennissance -- has Quaid talking with people who have made an impact on his life and the world around him. When the podcast launches April 8, his first guest will be Billy Ray Cyrus.

Quaid also reveals the perfect way to listen to it -- via the Sony Walkman -- by testing it out himself while lifting weights shirtless and getting into his DeLorean. He also offers up his “personal phone number” for fans to keep in touch. “Text me anytime and I will send you my new podcast, which comes on eight cassette tapes and a convenient carrying case to go with it," he says. "The Dennissance is here to take this exciting new era of podcasting on cassette tape. Fast-forward into the future. So text me right now.” (Go ahead: Text him at 512-543-4400.)

In a statement to Billboard, Quaid further shared his reasoning behind the need for a cassette resurgence.

The record industry has experienced a resurgence of vinyl sales driven largely by millennials. However, little attention has been paid to the cassette market. I was recently cleaning out my garage and found a treasure trove of cassette tapes that had not been played for more than 20 years. Alongside the cassettes, I found my Walkman, and it brought a smile to my face remembering how excited I was to purchase it back in 1979. I replaced the batteries, slipped in a cassette and was thunderstruck by an out of body experience. I was transported inside the music. My entire being became the music.

This was not a vinyl experience. This was not a digital experience. It was a sound quality for which there are no words to describe it other than it was uniquely cassette.

It occurred to me, that there are millions of other cassette collections out there collecting dust in garages and basements throughout America and the world. I spent the rest of the afternoon transferring episodes of the Dennissance to cassette tape through a hastily rented double cassette boombox, and the results were astounding. I played the tapes for friends and family and fights broke out among them for cassette time. This is a chance not only to share the Dennissance with the world, but also a chance to ignite a great cassette reawakening.

And remember, please be kind, rewind!

To learn more about Quaid’s podcast, text him via 512-543-4400, and watch the epic video below.

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