Sara Evans Announces First Memoir ‘Born To Fly’

Sara Evans

Sara Evans

Sara Evans will unveil her first memoir, Born To Fly, on Sept. 8. The country singer has partnered with Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, for the release.

In the memoir, Evans opens up and shares the story of her career, family and faith. Topics discussed include motherhood and marriage to finding your purpose. The book is now available for pre-order via

“I am so excited to release my memoir this year,” Evans says in a statement. “With 2020 being the twentieth anniversary of my Born To Fly album release, which was such a pivotal project for me and my career on so many levels, this book really brings everything full circle. I am so proud of how it all came together and can’t wait to share it with everyone."

In addition to her memoir, Evans will release a new album this year. Copy That, Evans upcoming covers project, will be available May 15.

In a recent interview with Billboard, the singer says she decided to name the album Copy That because she tried her best to copy the songs verbatim.

“I love all kinds of music and I grew up in cover bands. I started on stage when I was four-years-old. My entire life I've been covering other people’s songs up until I got my record deal, so I love to pay respect and try to imitate them. That's the best form of flattery, you know?” she said.

The book cover of Born To Fly is below.

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The cover of "Born to Fly" by Sara Evans.