Watch Midland Take on Joe Exotic's 'Tiger King' Hit, 'I Saw a Tiger'

Timothy Norris/Getty Images for Big Machine Records

Jess Carson, Mark Wystrach and Cameron Duddy of Midland perform onstage during Midland LIVE at the Palomino on Oct. 15, 2019 in North Hollywood, Calif.

Midland is just as captivated by Joe Exotic as you are.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, the country group did what most of us have been doing: binge-watching Tiger King on Netflix and becoming shamelessly obsessed with the blinged-out, bleached mullet rocker Joe Exotic--and his blossoming country music career.

To celebrate the pitifully underground country crooner, the group shared their take on Exotic's biggest hit, "I Saw a Tiger."

Taken virtually in the comfort of their individual homes, Midland flawlessly delivers their "tribute to an all time classic." A stuffed tiger even makes an appearance throughout the cover to really drive the point home.

Watch the "I Saw a Tiger" cover from "a bunch of misfits" below.