Kelsea Ballerini Gets Close to Fans -- With Some Help From Drones

Kelsea Ballerini
Meredith Jenks

Kelsea Ballerini photographed on Feb. 13, 2020 at Mister Paradise in New York.

Talk about a surprise album 'drop.'

“We’re getting a little creative with this album … drop,” Kelsea Ballerini says in a new video two days after the release of her third studio album Kelsea.

While the United States and the rest of the world have been on high alert following the coronavirus epidemic, Ballerini didn’t let that stop her from connecting with fans during street week. In the new age of social distancing, the country singer used the help of some drones to surprise a few fans.

In a 75-second clip, the video shows some of the singer’s biggest fans getting a special delivery from none other than Ballerini herself. One fan received a pizza delivered to her doorstep moments after Ballerini asked, “Has anyone gotten anything that has just fallen out of the sky? I’m curious.”

The singer messaged a few fans, letting them know that they “should be receiving a delicious delivery to your doorstep.” Several fans responded with video messages while a lucky few even got to FaceTime with the singer.

The video for Ballerini’s surprise album “drop” is below.