Hayden Haddock’s 'Red Dirt Texas' Is His Love Letter to the Lone Star State: Exclusive

Hayden Haddock
F8Studio - Gary Donihoo

Hayden Haddock

Hayden Haddock shares his love for Texas in his new single, fittingly titled “Red Dirt Texas.” The video for the country song, which premieres on Billboard below, offers a vivid landscape of the state as it shows Haddock singing on a dirt road while local farmers go about their day.

“It sticks to your boots, it sticks to your truck/ It gets in your soul, gets in your blood/ The one thing you can’t wash out/ Is that red dirt Texas,’” Haddock croons alongside soaring electric guitar, wavering fiddle accompaniment and a driving beat.

"Many hard working Texans can directly relate to this song,” Haddock tells Billboard of the tune, which was written by Kevin Fowler, David Lee Murphy and Terry McBride. “There's a line that people always say they love which is ‘hard work is the only life we know.’ I think it’s also just relatable to the general public which always helps a song out."

Haddock namedrops Bare Bones BBQ and Whataburger in the song’s opening verse and he admits that it’s this lyric that is his favorite line in the song. “If you know me, you know I have a bad obsession with Whataburger! So when I heard the demo and heard that was in there I already knew I had to record it," he adds.

“Red Dirt Texas” was produced by Trent Willmon (Cody Johnson, Eric Church, Randy Houser). The video was filmed throughout various spots in Mason, Texas and features Clinton Chamberlain as the lead character.

"[He] embodies the song to a T. He hauls livestock and goats for a living, so we went out to his property to shoot his everyday routine,” Haddock says. “[I] think it represents the sentiment of ‘Red Dirt Texas’ really well."

“Red Dirt Texas” is the title track to Haddock’s recently released sophomore album. The single was sent to Texas radio in January.

The video for “Red Dirt Texas” is below.