Lowland Hum Stun on Cover of Ronettes' 'Be My Baby': Exclusive

Lowland Hum
Tristan Williams

Lowland Hum

On the impassioned rendition, Daniel Goans’ captivating voice is at the forefront while his wife, Lauren, assists on harmony.

After releasing their fourth studio album Glyphonic in 2019, Lowland Hum spent the majority of the fall and winter converting an old barn on their Virginia property into a studio. It was here that they recorded Singing Other People’s Love Songs, a six-song EP that has the married couple covering their favorite love songs.

Due out in May, the project includes a stunning cover of the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby,” which Billboard premieres today (Feb. 28). On the impassioned rendition Daniel Goans’ captivating voice is at the forefront while his wife, Lauren, assists on harmony. Delicate acoustic guitar and hand-snapped rhythms further to flesh out the mesmerizing track.

The idea for the project came together after Lowland Hum were commissioned to record their take on the Ronettes 1963 hit for a young couple who wanted to play it during the first dance at their wedding.

“We really enjoyed the process and challenge of reinterpreting such an enduring recording,” Daniel tells Billboard. “I've always been inspired by Phil Spector's arrangements and studio sounds and this song is a great example of the energy he's famous for being able to capture.

Singing Other People's Love Songs is a project we have wanted to make for a long time, and the Ronettes commission was the push we needed to get it started. Covers are such an enjoyable exercise for us,” he adds. “Even when we make changes to the original melodies and feel in our versions, our starting point is one of serious advantage. It's so fun when the raw materials you are working with are phenomenal, time tested melodies and lyrics written by legendary artists.”

Goans adds that the other selections he and his wife included on the EP are “simply songs we have fallen in love with over the years, loosely linked by the theme of love.” The EP includes the duo’s previously released cover of the Beatles’ “I Will.” In addition to the new project, Lowland Hum will embark on a co-headlining tour with The Sea The Sea this spring.

Listen to “Be My Baby” below.