Cross Atlantic Share Their Wedding Day With the World in 'Just a Word' Video: Exclusive

Cross Atlantic

Cross Atlantic 

Married duo Cross Atlantic share a glimpse inside their wedding day in the heartfelt new video for their latest single “Just a Word," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Feb. 19). The hopeful ballad has Karli Chayne singing lead vocals, with additional harmonies and delicate acoustic guitar provided by her husband, James Sinclair-Stott.

“‘Just a Word’ is a love song about finally realizing what true love feels like,” the duo tells Billboard. “It was a year in the making, writing with our frequent co-writer, Bryan Austin, to get this song to say exactly what we wanted it to. It talks about how we’d been through the process of falling and dating before, but it was never quite right until now. After we got engaged, it was like that next year, leading up to our wedding day, made us realize we truly couldn’t compare the love we found for each other to anything else.”

The band admits that they never intended to have a wedding video shot on the day they married, but once they finished writing “Just a Word” they wanted to share their day and love story with everyone.

“We are all about hearing love stories, because we feel like love is everything. No matter what, or who makes you realize, it’s more than just a word. We think everyone has that moment in life when they really understand that. What better way to share ours than through the most special day of our lives?” they explain. “Our families both came from so far away, and we realized it was the only time we’d ever have all of them together in the same place. There was so much love in the room that day, not just between the two of us.”

On the song, Cross Atlantic sing, “I never had that feeling until I saw you walk in the room.” The band explain that the line holds special meaning to them because they were “so captivated” by one another the day they met in 2015 at a café in Nashville. At the time, Chayne, a Bolivar, Mo. native, was pursuing a solo career while Sinclair-Stott, from Huddersfield, UK and based in London, was visiting Tennessee for the second time.

“[We] knew right away that we had a connection we’d never felt before the moment we met. It’s a very strange feeling because you don’t know why you’re drawn to that person, but you can’t help it.”

The video for “Just a Word” is below.