Christian Lopez Embraces the Moment in Picturesque 'Sip of Mine' Video: Premiere

Christian Lopez
Robby Klein 

Christian Lopez

Christian Lopez welcomed change when it came time to write for his upcoming third studio album. The West Virginia-born and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter left Nashville for the West Coast to find himself and his sound. He’s all the better for it, too -- as can be seen in the feel-good video for his new single “Sip of Mine,” which Billboard premieres today (Feb. 12).

Directed by Nicholas Jandora and filmed alongside picturesque views in California, the guitar-driven song kicks off with Lopez making his way out of the ocean as he sings, “I’m gonna trade my pain/ Give another day another chance.” With delicate strums of an acoustic guitar and light percussion, he sings about his own resilience in the music industry.

"‘Sip Of Mine’ is about resilience,” Lopez tells Billboard. “If you're loved by someone, even through your darkest times, you can avoid the snap and come out that other side with a newfound love for the world and what it has to offer.”    

Lopez wrote the infectious tune during his time traveling back and forth from Beverly Hills to Revolver Studios where he was recording in Thousand Oaks. He admits he was writing and recording his way through the confusion. “It was the time right after breakups with the old ‘team’ and also, in a way, the city I'd planted my feet in, Nashville. I started fresh in L.A. Even though it was uncertain, I knew I had to follow it through,” he says.

“Around the time I started to feel uneasy about the future, when I had trouble visualizing it, I started to open my eyes to the real point of why we’re even here. To trust ourselves, give it all we got, and most of all -- enjoy it.”

The video for “Sip of Mine” is below.