Zac Brown Band Combed Through Plenty of Epic Internet Fails for 'The Woods' Video: Watch

Zac Brown Band
Diego Pernia

Zac Brown Band

Exploding toasters, leaping gazelles, approximately one gajillion wipeouts -- Zac Brown Band put in work to scour the Internet for the most cringe-worthy clips out there, and they managed to squeeze a ton of them into their latest music video.

It's a bold directorial choice, but "The Woods," off ZBB's 2019 album, The Owl, is about picking yourself up each and every time you fall, and trying again. (The chorus lays it out: "One man's trash is another man's treasure/ One stays gone, one of 'em?tryna?stay home/ One man's?walls might feel like a prison/ Some?live dying but I'm dying to live it/ Some folks are stayin' out of the woods, and I'm gettin' in 'em.")

To pair the mischievous mantra of the chorus with these scenes of people crashing down staircases, flipping over their bikes and sticking various metal objects into light sockets is definitely an engaging way to get the point across, but it's just a visual foil for the sentiment behind the song, according to the frontman.

“I’m a fan of fails and people who just go for it, even if they stumble along the way," Brown says of the video in a statement. "It’s a reminder to bust your ass when reaching for new, great things, because epic fails only come if you’re doing something truly epic.”

Watch "The Woods" below.