Ciara Gets Low and Two-Steps All Through Blanco Brown's 'The Git Up' Remix: Listen

Blanco Brown
J. Kaviar

Blanco Brown

It's not that big a leap from "1,2 Step" to the "two-step boogie." And Ciara makes that small leap with style on the new remix of Blanco Brown's signature hit, "The Git Up," which dropped on Monday morning (Dec. 23). The beefed-up track produced by Benny Blanco opens with Ciara taking the first verse, singing "Let me see you two step, then one, two step/ Do the cowgirl boogie, both you hands like this/ Take it to the floor with a whole lotta drip/ Now show off your moves in your new outfit."  

After encouraging you to get low, wine it up slow and groove to the sound of a banjo, Ciara gives a few anatomical pointers in case you just don't get the steps down quite right. "My knee bone connected to my thigh bone/ My thigh bone connected to my hip bone/ My hands and my waist, got my twist on/ And rock from left to right/ Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, giddy up," she sings.

The remix, which features a more booming, boot-scooting beat, extra percussion and hand claps has the two singers -- who've known each other for more than a decade -- joining together for the bridge. They will perform the remix on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on Dec. 31 on ABC; dick clark productions is owned by Valence Media, which also owns Billboard.

“When I thought about doing a remix, there was only one person that initially came to mind...Ciara,” said Brown in a statement. “We’ve been friends for more than a decade so I’m glad we made it happen and happy that my mentor Jasper was a part of it because he taught me most of what I know about the music industry!”

Fans were immediately dipping and sipping along, sharing their thoughts on the unlikely pairing.

Listen to "The Git Up" remix featuring Ciara below.