Emily Rose Dreams Big On 'Go to the Moon': Exclusive

Emily Rose
James DeMain

Emily Rose

Country newcomer Emily Rose touches on her Nashville journey throughout the triumphant “Go to the Moon,” which Billboard premieres exclusively today (Nov. 7).

A dreamer herself, the New Jersey native details her hope to break new ground and go places she’s never been on the reflective “Go to the Moon.”

“People always say to reach for the stars/ But I wanna go to the moon,” she belts, her memorable vocals blending effortlessly alongside soaring steel guitar, B3 organ and delicate strokes of the piano. Rose serves as co-producer with the Shuffle Brothers on the track, which she penned with Tori Tullier.

“I got to thinking about space and the moon,” she tells Billboard of her co-write with Tullier. “It’s been a long journey here in Nashville, dream chasing. As an artist, you’re always faced with the question: ‘What do you want out of your music career?’ In that moment, I thought of myself like an astronaut straight out of the 1960s. I want to go to the moon. I want to break new ground and go places I’ve never been...this isn’t some far-fetched fantasy; this is something attainable and real.”

Rose touches on her personal struggles as a musician specifically in the lyric “Sometimes I go fast/ Just like a rocket/ Sometimes it feels like it takes too long.” She says the line is “as human as it gets” and the song is an extension of herself and everything she believes in.

“Some days it feels like you are on top of the world and really going places, and the next day it feels like you are going nowhere and wonder if your dreams are ever really going to come true. But the beauty in that line is the resolve, ‘Like I’m running in place/But everyone has their own pace,’” she says. “It is so easy to compare yourself to your peers, but strength comes in realizing you are your own person, and that your fate is in your own hands -- that you are strong, and it’s all a part of the journey.”

Rose’s new single will be officially released on Nov. 8 via her Growing Rose Recording Company imprint, with Symphonic Distribution handling digital distribution. “Go to the Moon” follows her debut single “My Way Home” released earlier this year.

Listen to “Go to the Moon” below.