Ryan Griffin Embraces Armageddon in 'Right Here Right Now' Video: Exclusive

Ryan Griffin
Joe Gonzalez

Ryan Griffin

Ryan Griffin’s infectious new single “Right Here Right Now” is all about living in the moment and the video for the song, which Billboard premieres exclusively today (Oct. 3), brings the storyline vividly to life in a nuclear Armageddon.

“Right Here Right Now” marks Griffin’s first release since signing his deal with Warner Music Nashville. He penned the song with Josh London and Jason Massey and says the video came to him after he closed his eyes while listening to the song.

“As soon as the lyric started, I saw a vivid movie flashing before my eyes,” he tells Billboard. “It wasn’t what I expected, but it made me feel the intense passion I wanted to capture. It was surreal! I’m so thankful we found the director Nick Lam to pull it off. He captures scenes the way I write songs. I knew he was the guy as soon as I saw a piece of his work.”

“We can think about tomorrow, tomorrow...'cause it ain't got a thing to do with, tonight,” Griffin sings on the track. He admits that he often misses out on today by worrying about tomorrow. It’s a lesson his three-year-old son, Levi Hart, recently taught him firsthand and the inspiration behind “Right Here Right Now.”

“The night before my write I was wrapping up some work on my phone at the kitchen table when he said, ‘Daddy, will you come cuddle and watch a show with me?’ I, of course, went over and cuddled up next to him, but continued to work behind his back,” Griffin says. “He started laughing at the show, looked back to see if I thought it was funny, and he caught me. He then said -- with a very serious look on his face -- ‘Daddy, get off your phone.’ I got schooled by a 3-year-old. In that moment, he made me prioritize him and showed me the value of what I was missing. These days are numbered, and I can’t get them back. That night I realized the emails can wait.”

“Right Here Right Now” will be featured on Griffin’s upcoming debut album which was produced by the late producer busbee. While no release date has been revealed yet, Griffin says the record will serve as an open book into his life.

“It’s the joy of love and the pain of heartbreak. It’s the emotions and experiences that we all share, just from my point of view,” he says. “My wife and son are weaved through the music and they are the inspiration behind a lot of the songs. At the end of the day, my goal is to be as honest and vulnerable as possible. I want you to see my heart and use this music to celebrate, heal and feel life.”

Watch the video for “Right Here Right Now” below.