Ben Danaher Is Looking For His 'Match' in Stunning New Video: Exclusive

Ben Danaher
Jason Myers

Ben Danaher

Ben Danaher bares his soul throughout the vulnerable new song “The Match,” which Billboard premieres the picturesque video for today (Sept. 24). The soulful ballad highlights Danaher’s enchanting vocals alongside delicate percussion and piano accompaniment. All the while, the song’s confessional lyrics strike a chord.

On “The Match,” Danaher finds himself alone and turns introspective as he realizes, “The second I’m wrapped in a good thing/ I find myself cutting it loose/ Someone who hates being lonely/ I keep asking to be left alone.”

"After about an hour of Brandon Young and I throwing different titles back and forth to each other in our writing session, he and I got comfortable enough to talk about our lives,” Danaher tells Billboard about writing the song. “I was complaining about being in my mid-thirties and not having a family nor being anywhere close to that. I told him it felt a bit like I was self-sabotaging the situation. He stopped and said, ‘That’s what I want to write about! Screw these song titles.’ And so we did. Before we knew it, we were three-quarters of the way done with this song and both very proud of our afternoon.”  

The Texas native decided to release the song, as well as “Apple and the Tree” and “Someone Else’s Lover,” after testing the tracks out on the road and having fans request the new music. The new material follows 2018’s Still Feel Lucky.

“I could certainly wait another year and put these songs on the next record, but the support and encouragement on the road has been remarkable,” he says. “After playing them a few times live, fans were requesting the new songs. I released these as a kind of gift to them.”

The video for “The Match” was directed by Ryan Nolan, who had the idea of capturing a Nashville sunset. While Danaher admits he was at first reluctant, he is now happy with the final product. “I was a bit skeptical on the day because it had rained all morning but by the time we got out there to shoot we were able to nab one of the best sunsets we have had all year," he adds.

The video for Danaher’s “The Match” is below.