Kelleigh Bannen Sings Of Everlasting Love On Soulful 'Diamonds': Exclusive

Kelleigh Bannen
John Shearer

Kelleigh Bannen

Kelleigh Bannen found inspiration from Marilyn Monroe when she sat down to write her soulful new song “Diamonds,” which Billboard premieres exclusively today (Sept. 12).

A stirring power ballad featured on her upcoming album Favorite Colors out Oct. 11, on "Diamonds" Bannen’s sultry voice soars alongside ear-grabbing guitar parts and a sentimental storyline.

As Bannen explains, she was watching Monroe’s infamous performance of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and loved how over-the-top “the dance scene, the colors, the kitsch” were on the song. She took the line “diamonds are the way I get stoned” to co-writer Scott Stepakoff and the pair began writing what would become “Diamonds.”

“It got me thinking about ways I could rewrite that idea: An ode to diamonds, but somehow make it about more than just the stone itself,” Bannen tells Billboard. “We spent the day just trying to figure out how to make [‘Diamonds’] both about the bling, but also about the kind of love that makes you wanna put a ring on it.

“I started playing the song out around town, and it was so fun for me to perform, it became an early favorite when we started narrowing down songs for the album,” she adds. “It’s probably my favorite song to sing from the album, and I love how the track turned out. It feels kind of vintage and modern at the same time."

On “Diamonds,” Bannen sings of how love isn’t a temporary thing and “don’t wear off like a glass of champagne.” Instead, it should “sparkle like a disco ball on the ceiling kinda feeling.”

“Diamonds” is featured on Bannen’s upcoming Favorite Colors, produced by the Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston. Bannen serves as a co-writer on each of the album’s 14 tracks.

Bannen’s “Diamonds” is below.