Monica Rizzio Dreams Of Doing 'Nothin' On Laidback New Track: Exclusive

Monica Rizzio
Joe Navas

Monica Rizzio

Monica Rizzio questions the ongoing hustle and bustle of life in her feel-good new track “Nothin’,” featured on her forthcoming sophomore solo project Sunshine Is Free. On the laidback song, which includes delicate acoustic guitar, steady percussion, soaring electric guitar parts and warm vocals, Rizzio admits, “I feel a little guilty when I wanna be lazy/ Why’s it so hard to do nothin’/ Why we always gotta be runnin.’”

Rizzio travelled from Cape Cod to Nashville last fall to pen the sunny tune with Gwen Sebastian and Michael Rinne (Kelsey Waldon, Erin Rae, Caroline Spence), who serves as producer on her album, out Oct. 4.

"I was down in Nashville and had a writing session set up with Michael Rinne, my producer, and Gwen Sebastian,” Rizzio tells Billboard. “Michael called me and said, ‘Let's write a song about doing nothing.’ I said I loved the idea!”

She adds, “The art of doing nothing is lost in our society today. We over-schedule ourselves and we have technology in the palm of our hands. I remember growing up in East Texas with endless days of doing nothing. Later, I would find how important that was in shaping me, and many of us, as adults."

In the video for “Nothin’,” which Billboard premieres today (Aug. 26), Rizzio is found out in the country riding horses and taking life slowly. Later that night, she’s seated at a bonfire beside friends as she enjoys a relaxing evening.

“Nothin’ is a light-hearted take on living the day to the fullest by doing the smaller more meaningful things that ultimately help you take care of yourself,” co-writer Sebastian says. “I haven’t known Monica for very long, but writing with her is like hanging with an old friend. It just comes easy and ‘Nothin’ was no exception. I’m proud to be a part of this album and proud of her.”

The 11-track Sunshine Is Free also features a collaboration with Mindy Smith on “While With You.” The project follows 2016’s Washashore Cowgirl, Rizzio’s solo debut after a decade with folk-pop trio Tripping Lily.

Watch the video for “Nothin’” below.