Cale Dodds Plays Matchmaker in 'I Like Where This Is Going' Video: Exclusive

Cale Dodds
Robby Klein

Cale Dodds

Cale Dodds steps in to help a stranger after witnessing the young man (Pat Long) get stood up on a date in the feel-good video for his latest single “I Like Where This Is Going.” Penned with Nicolle Galyon (“Tequila,” “Automatic”) and busbee (“H.O.L.Y.,” “You Look Good”), the infectious tune highlights Dodds’ warm vocals alongside ear-grabbing guitar parts and a memorable storyline.

“The creative side of the music video is just as important to me as writing the song itself,” Dodds tells Billboard. “It was important to me to help create and guide how the song was going to be expressed visually. Most country songs center around the artist as the ‘lead role.’ I knew that I wanted it to be about more than just me.”

Dodds says since the core of the song is about new beginnings, he wanted to find a way to express this concept by helping someone else out. In the Jeff Venable-directed three-minute clip, which Billboard premieres below today (July 29), Dodds makes the viewer laugh and have empathy for the video’s main character.

“The funny part is, the original actor who was cast for Pat’s role showed up the morning of the shoot and was sick. We immediately needed a replacement. Luckily Pat was off work that day, showed up an hour later with his backseat of his car filled with his entire closet for wardrobe,” Dodds says. “Turns out, everything does happen for reason; we knew during the first scene that he was supposed to be our guy the whole time. Over the course of the day, we instantly bonded over music and dad jokes.”

He adds, “‘I Like Where This Is Going’ is written with simplicity and directness but still has an underlying depth to it. This song is all about anticipation and has a relatability that any listener can connect with.”

Watch the video for “I Like Where This Is Going” below.