Jordan Rager Is 'Colorblind' In New Video: Exclusive Premiere

Jason Myers
Jordan Rager

Jordan Rager is struggling to forget an ex in his new song “Colorblind.” As he pines for a former lover, the Georgia native seems to see her everywhere he goes.

Penned by Rager, Christopher Stevens and Michael Whitworth, “Colorblind” has the singer wishing the memories of his ex would disappear instead of becoming more vivid. His gravelly vocals further display the hurt in the song while soaring percussion and wavering guitar parts help to accentuate the emotion he's feeling.

“It’s not every day you hear a song idea as unique as ‘Colorblind,’ so I knew we had something special the day we wrote it,” Rager tells Billboard. “I’ve been working on new music for a few years and this song felt like the perfect place to start the new project.”

The three-minute video, which Billboard premieres below, has Rager vividly remembering times spent with his ex; singing karaoke, watching friends skateboard and performing at Nashville’s Winners Bar & Grill as she accompanied him during each activity. “We had such a blast shooting this video. I feel like we were really able to dive deeper into telling the story of the song,” he says.

“Colorblind” is the first of several new tracks Rager has released through his new partnership with Riser House Entertainment after parting ways with Broken Bow Records. The 23-year-old is currently working on new music and looks up to artists like Alan Jackson and Merle Haggard, both respected artists who penned their own songs.

"My favorite artists are the guys who wrote songs,” he says. “Songwriting is a very sincere form of expression. You are opening up your soul to people and saying, 'This is what I'm feeling.' I love that. I want to be an honest writer and artist."  

Watch Rager’s new video for “Colorblind” below.