Lena Stone Releases 'Kids These Days,' an Infectious Ode to Youth: Exclusive

Lena Stone
Jeremy Ryan

Lena Stone

Lena Stone is back, following the release of her 2018 self-titled debut EP. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s latest single is the feel-good summer anthem “Kids These Days,” which Billboard premieres exclusively today (June 20).

Stone’s warm vocals and vivid storytelling are coupled with hand-clapped rhythms and ear-grabbing pop-country production as she sings of never wanting to grow up. The infectious track was penned by Stone, Ben Goldsmith and Emily Reid, and marks a new chapter of music for the singer.

“We wanted to write something that would celebrate this moment in our lives, and also let us make fun of ourselves a little bit,” Stone tells Billboard. “I love the idea that 60 years ago, our grandparents were the kids of their day, and then our parents, and now it’s our turn. My friends and I are all just trying to figure out who we are. Every generation has gone through that in their 20s, and the people who came before them have always thought they were crazy.”

“Kids These Days” is the first taste of new music from Stone. She says she’s spent the last several years trying to figure out “what kind of person and friend and feminist I want to be” while penning over 500 songs.

“That self-discovery is the theme of this new project. Being in your 20s is beautiful and fun and messy and dramatic, and you can either freak out about it or embrace it,” she explains. “Leaning into the chaos of these years is the whole idea behind ‘Kids These Days.’”  

Listen to Stone’s new single “Kids These Days” below.