Dalton Domino Falls Fast on Striking Ballad 'All I Need': Exclusive

Dalton Domino
Joshua Black Wilkins

Dalton Domino

Dalton Domino’s country roots run deep in his music. 

Distinct Red Dirt influences and Domino's descriptive songwriting can be heard within the Lubbock, Texas, native’s new song “All I Need.” The stirring ballad, which Billboard exclusively premieres below, is featured on his forthcoming third studio album Songs From the Exile and includes additional vocals from country newcomer Kalsey Kulyk.

Soaring pedal steel, delicate finger-picked guitar and soft percussion rythms introduce the song before Domino’s haunting vocals enter. Kulyk joins in on harmonies and command’s the second verse with her wavering vocal range.

"It’s a song about how two people, no matter how opposite they are, find a way to each other and fall in love,” Domino tells Billboard. “It’s about how crazy the idea of love is. And we aren’t sure why it happens. But how happy we are that it does.“

“All I Need” is featured on Songs From the Exile, a 13-track album that was written during a period of closeted addiction. Following the recording process, the singer-songwriter entered rehab. Many of the songs on the album detail his struggles with drinking and forced himself to challenge sobriety head-on through the writing process. The project will be released on Aug. 23.

"It's OK not to always be strong," he says. "With Songs From The Exile, I'm not saying, 'Hope is lost.' It's more like, 'Hey, we all go through this.' And since this is country music, we wanted the music to really reflect the words. We did away with the smoke and mirrors and got back to focusing on the songs."