Luke Combs Reacts to Getting His First Billboard Cover, Says His Mom Will Be 'Pretty Thrilled': Watch

This week, country star Luke Combs graces the cover of the Country Power Players issue of Billboard magazine. During his photo shoot, he took a moment to reflect upon this achievement, confessing that he feels so many different emotions about it.

“Being on the cover of Billboard for the first time, it's awesome and it's overwhelming, and it's fun, it's stressful,” Combs says. “There's so many emotions that come along with [it]…not just being on the cover, but everything in general, as well. I think being on the cover, it kind of personifies the 'you've made it' thing.”

Combs also recalls that only two years ago, he was featured in an episode of Billboard’s “You Should Know” video series and that it was “pretty crazy” just to be a part of that. “My mom was pretty happy with that,” he confesses. “So, I'm sure she'll be pretty thrilled to get to pick up a copy [of the magazine] that has me on the front of it.”

You can watch the full “My Billboard Moment” episode above, and take a behind-the-scenes look at his Billboard cover shoot below.

Cover'd With Luke Combs | Billboard