Doug Seegers Releases Stirring Video For 'Give It Away': Exclusive

Doug Seegers
Nelson Blanton

Doug Seegers

Doug Seegers has lived a lot of life in his 67 years. The singer-songwriter has battled homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction for most of his adult life, but it was music that set him on the straight and narrow path.

On "Give It Away," the video for which is premiering on Billboard today (May 10), Seegers sings of the trials he had been going through; his yearning vocals coupled with delicate piano and guitar accompaniment strike a chord. “You might meet somebody with no shoes on his feet/ You might even see a drunk man laying lost in misery/ That’s when it’s time to reach your hand out, boy/ Show some sympathy,” he sings.

Writing the autobiographical “Give It Away” was a pivotal moment in Seegers’ life. The idea for the song came to him while in an AA meeting, as he tells Billboard.

"I was there supporting a friend of mine that quit drinking,” Seegers says. “He didn't know what to do so I took him to a meeting. The line, 'If you want to keep it, you got to give it away' came from the main leader. He said in order to keep your sobriety – you have to give it away. Meaning, it's important to turn it around, to sponsor someone else. You must be sober for a while with the message pretty much of being a sponsor, one sober friend helping another friend. Kind of like what I am doing for my friend. He is looking at me for guidance.”

“Give It Away” is the featured on Seegers’ forthcoming album A Story I Got To Tell. The project will be released on May 31 via BMG.

"The new record is really a piece of my heart. It’s all about having the courage to speak up-close-and-personal about the things that matter most,” he explains. “Like showing real compassion and love for a lost soul. Like throwing away your greed and giving a little back."

Watch “Give It Away” below.