Parker McKay Is Just Being 'Honest' on Stirring Breakup Ballad: Exclusive

Parker McKay
Preston Leatherman

Parker McKay

Parker McKay lays it all on the line in her new single “Honest.” The stirring breakup ballad has the Nashville-based singer-songwriter giving up on a relationship.

“But if I’m just being honest/ I don’t care enough to get into it/ And that’s a good indication of how we’re doing,” she croons on the song’s soaring chorus.

The country-pop singer penned the track with Adam James, and says “Honest” came out of nowhere. James was playing the song’s progression on a Wurlitzer at the beginning of their co-write when the word “honest” came to her.

“I had been listening to a bunch of rap on the way over and started ad-libbing some rapid phrases over it,” McKay tells Billboard of her new single. “The word ‘honest’ came out and we ran with it. This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, and it was a turning point for me and my artistry.”

McKay further explains that fighting in a relationship is often a positive sign that both parties care. On “Honest,” the female character no longer wants to fight for her relationship. 

“It’s when the desire to fight goes away that the real problem reveals itself. That’s when you know you have to cut your losses and be honest yourself and with each other,” she notes. “That’s the last bit of love you can give, omitting the sugarcoat. It doesn’t have to always be an ugly ending and I think it’s important to shed light on those situations.”

Listen to McKay’s new single “Honest” below.