Maddie & Tae Compare Tour Habits, Favorite Carrie Underwood Song & More

Maddie & Tae
Carlos Ruiz

Maddie & Tae

A year after signing with Mercury Nashville, Maddie & Tae will release their inaugural EP for the label, One Heart to Another, on April 26. (It’s the country duo’s first project since its 2015 debut, Start Here.) On May 1, the pair, both 23, will begin a 55-date North American tour, opening for Carrie Underwood. The two give a glimpse into touring as a team.

Maddie: "Die From a Broken Heart." Hearing our fans sing it puts me back in the place of writing that song and how emotional that was.

Tae: “New Dogs Old Tricks." It’s uptempo, and it’s like "Girl in a Country Song," saying no to stereotypes and not letting a guy catcall.

Maddie: I put on my grandma slippers -- I have a purple pair, a Christmas pair, ones with little pink piggies on them. And Tae and I always have a cocktail together.

Tae: It’s comical how fast I can get out of my clothes. I’m in slippers in under five minutes. Then I pour myself a glass of wine.

Maddie: Cardi B. I love the "no filter" thing so much. She just says horrible things, and it’s so entertaining.

Tae: Crime shows. I’m in the middle of the Madeleine McCann documentary and The Act.

Maddie: "So Small" always helps me put things into perspective when things are crazy.

Tae: I sang "Temporary Home" at all of my talent shows in Oklahoma to show off my range.

Maddie: Carrie Underwood. It sounds a little cliché, but I’ve always admired how she balances her career, family and faith.

Tae: Blake Lively. Her and her husband are realistic couple goals. And her street style is my forever inspo.

Maddie: "One Heart to Another." We didn’t filter ourselves, we didn’t think about what radio or labels were going to think. It gave us the confidence to just keep writing our truth.

Tae: "One Heart to Another." When we wrote it, we were in between label deals. Nothing in our lives was certain. I was proud that we were able to go into a writing room and still do what we do.

This article originally appeared in the April 20 issue of Billboard.