Jordan Brooker Takes to the Skies in 'Over My Head' Video: Exclusive

Jordan Brooker
Jason Myers

Jordan Brooker

Jordan Brooker blends alternative rock and country storytelling for a memorable combination, as heard on his latest song “Over My Head.” The country-rock anthem tells the story of a man who’s ex left him. While she’s already moved on and is thousands of feet above bound for a fresh start, Brooker is struggling trying to figure out why she left.

Fittingly, the video for the song, premiering exclusively on Billboard today (March 27), was filmed at a local 727 Boneyard outside of Nashville.

“The shoot location was incredible,” Booker tells Billboard. “Something about seeing your silhouette lit up on the side of an old Pan Am makes you feel way cooler than you really are for a minute.”

The Indiana native penned the song with HARDY and CJ Solar. His vocals embody a distinct hurt as he laments of how his girl is long gone. “Said she always wanted to see the ocean/ Guess she never had a reason to go/ Leave it up to me to finally give her one/ What it was, what it was I still don’t know,” he croons on the song’s first verse.

“It’s really interesting to me how some songs just have to be patient and wait on their moment. We wrote ‘Over My Head’ three years before I ever released an entire project, but I remember feeling like it was definitely a small piece of something bigger after we finished it,” he explains. “It was one of the first songs I wrote that landed somewhere in the vain of where I knew I wanted to be musically.”

“Over My Head” is featured on Brooker’s debut self-titled EP, released in November. He is signed to artist development and music publishing company Warehouse West Entertainment and is currently on the road with Drake White.

Get a first look at the video below.