Jacob Bryant Tugs On the Heartstrings in Powerful 'Bring You Back' Video: Exclusive

Jacob Bryant
Bryan Fay

Jacob Bryant

Jacob Bryant’s new single “Bring You Back” holds special meaning to the country singer. Penned by Wyatt McCubbin and Carson Chamberlain, the heartbreaking tune tells the story of a man struggling after an important person in his life dies. The loss in the song was all too real for the Georgia native, whose mother died in 2010.

The singer immediately gravitated to the song after McCubbin sent it to him. He says listeners can relate to "Bring You Back" in many ways, whether reflecting on a lover that left them or someone who passed away.

“The lyric for me, personally, connected with my mom's passing and dealing with that,” Bryant tells Billboard over the phone. “There is a lyric in there, ‘Just another long lost prayer,’ that resonates with me. At the end of the day, you can pray all you want to, but there's nothing that's going to bring back somebody that's unfortunately passed away. I've [said] that prayer: ‘God, let me talk to her one more time. Let me at least say goodbye.’”

The newcomer’s mother passed away suddenly in 2010 and Bryant struggled with addiction following her death. He says it was music that got him out of that dark situation and brought him back to life. As a result, Bryant cites “Bring You Back” as being therapeutic.

“Even though I didn’t write it, it’s something that I feel like I could have written and wish I would have written,” he confesses. “Every time I sing it, it takes me to where I need to go, to where I don’t do those substances. It gives me an outlet to release all that pain and grief that I have.”

The grief felt after losing a loved one comes across in Bryant’s haunting vocals and in the stirring music video, premiering today (March 13) via Billboard. Directed by Dustin Haney, it follows the storyline of a young couple’s romance and the death of a partner.

“Bring You Back” is featured on Bryant’s latest album, Practice What I Preach. The project was co-produced by Collective Soul lead guitarist Jesse Triplett, Bryant and his manager, Jeff Catton. The singer says he hopes his new single helps listeners find closure in their own lives.

“If I can tell a story and tell you the way I was raised or brought up and some of the struggles I've been through that might be able to help you, that's my goal,” he explains. “I just want to be able to help people get through their ailments. At the end of the day, if I can help somebody, that's all that matters to me.”

Get a first look at the "Bring You Back" video below.