Lucie Silvas Shows Her True Self in 'Black Jeans': Video Premiere

Lucie Silvas
Courtesy of DPR

Lucie Silvas

Some 15 years into her recording career, Lucie Silvas has learned the virtues of "just being yourself,” which is the message she conveys in a new video for her lush and retro-flavored pop single "Black Jeans,” premiering on Billboard below.

Directed by Jarrad Kritzstein, the song’s clip mixes color and black-and-white footage as it tracks Silvas around her apartment, going through a ritual of waking up and getting ready for the day. "It's just a girl at home, obviously, in hair rollers and a vintage-style nightgown, a bit of a throwback," Silvas tells Billboard. “I appear in a blond wig, trying out a bunch of different persona, and it comes back to that very simple thing in the end, just being myself and being casual."

Silvas laughs as she recalls that "even my mum used to say, 'Why don't you wear sparkly outfits onstage?' I don't want to wear sparkly outfits. This isn't Dancing With the Stars; it's me going out there and singing my songs. So this is a way for me to say I can be dressed up or plain. I just want to wear what I'm wearing, and I don't care how I'm received. That's what the song is about."

"Black Jeans" is on the British-born, New Zealand-raised and now-Nashville-based Silvas' fourth album, E.G.O. (Everybody Gets Off), which came out in August through Thirty Tigers. The set continued Silvas' comeback with 2016's Letters to Ghosts, which followed an 11-year gap spent trying to get a new record deal. And like "Black Jeans," the rest of E.G.O. expresses a kind of defiance and self-determination, which Silvas attributes to being empowered by an active feminist movement since the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

"I feel braver in the current climate, and the album really reflects that," Silvas says. "I really see a climate of empowerment, especially with regards to women. I don't like to jump on any bandwagon and I can only speak to myself, but if I've got something to say I feel is relevant I won't hold back, and I've done that on the record. I'm not afraid to say things about myself, even if I find them contradictory or hypocritical."

Silvas is "very much in the E.G.O. world" these days, touring to support the album. She notes that, "I always write. Whenever I have a day off, I'm always writing.” But Silvas is holding off on plotting her next project for the time being. "I'm an indie artist, so the pace of things is more of a slow burn, not straight out of the gate going 'Bam!'" she explains. "The goal I have is to come back to all these places I'm playing now as a headliner and play venues under my own steam. I'm having a blast opening for a lot of incredible artists (including and Anderson East and Tom Odell)but I want to branch out and find people who want to sign on to what I do and come out for my music. That's what I'm focusing on."