Hear 'Confetti,' the Uplifting Track from Colbie Caillat's New Band, Gone West: Premiere

Gone West
Patrick Tracy

Gone West

After years as a solo success, with effervescent pop hits like “Bubbly” and “Realize,” singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat has formed a quartet with her fiance, Justin Young; her longtime collaborator, Jason Reeves and his wife, Nelly Joy.

Gone West blends pop and country in an intoxicating mix of four-part harmonies on display on debut EP, Tides, out Friday (Jan. 18). Today, Billboard premieres “Confetti,” a peppy, finger-snapping song that revolves around co-writer Eric Arjes’ buoyant guitar groove.

“We thought it would be cool to flip the script lyrically on a breakup song where when you get out of a bad relationship, you should celebrate it,” Caillat tells Billboard. “We always use the word confetti in our daily conversations, and Justin hit us with the brilliant line, 'No tears fell, just confetti.’”

While  “Confetti” certainly leans pop, other Tides tracks -- such as the jangly “Gone West” -- have a much more country flair, helping to explain why CMT chose Gone West as a member of its Listen Up class of 2019. 

The title track also serves as a backstory for the group’s moniker. "We wrote ‘Gone West’ to explain where the name of the band came from,” says Young. “We're all from west of Tennessee and when we're not in Nashville, chances are we've gone west -- back to Iowa, Texas, California or Hawaii. Each verse is about going to our significant other's hometown and bringing them to Nashville. It's autobiographical and kind of our band's theme song."

The four friends and musical collaborators were inspired to form a band two years ago when they toured together supporting Caillat’s The Malibu Sessions album. “It was an acoustic tour and very harmony driven, and we realized how much fun touring could be when you’re with your friends and significant others -- and can bring your dogs out on the road too,” Caillat says. “Justin and I moved to Nashville two years ago to try living in a different city, and Jason and Nelly introduced us to all of their friends, so it really feels like home.”

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