Shania Twain Reveals She Once Peed Herself Onstage, Comments On Taylor Swift's Politics On 'WWHL': Watch

Shania Twain
Courtesy Photo

Shania Twain on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Nov. 15, 2018.

Shania Twain stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse to share some surprising and hilarious stories on Thursday night (Nov. 15).

While playing a game with host Andy Cohen, Twain revealed that she once peed herself during a performance onstage, knocking her glass of water over to conceal the puddle she left in her chair. “I was wearing a skirt, thank goodness,” Twain said of her graceful recovery. “I stood up, it all came out, I was dry.”

The confessions didn’t stop there. The 53-year-old singer went on to talk about the time she was in Rome with her husband and got locked out of their hotel room in the middle of the night. “I went to bed naked that night, and I had to go for a pee and I opened up the wrong door and ended up in the hallway,” Twain said. 

The discussion veered away from bathroom-related incidents when a fan called in to ask Twain what she thought about Taylor Swift sharing her political stance on the midterm elections. “As an artist who is not a politician, if you make a decision to cross that line and speak about politics, do it at your own risk,” Twain laughed. 

The Canadian singer previously received backlash after she said in an interview with The Guardian that she would have voted for Donald Trump “because even though he was offensive, he seemed honest.” Twain later took to Twitter to apologize for her statement. 

Watch clips from Twain’s WWHL appearance below.