Brothers Osborne On Winning Vocal Duo Of the Year at the CMA Awards: 'We Are Very Grateful'

Brothers Osborne stopped to catch up with Billboard’s Taylor Weatherby backstage at the 2018 CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov. 14), discussing their vocal duo of the year win.

When asked how it feels to win three years in a row, T.J. Osborne tells Billboard, “I'm just surprised, as I know John is, to have won this year, as we were the first and second year. This year…it was full of superstars, even the new artist category, and the same for the duo category. And I kind of almost had this weird sense of comfort sitting in my seat this afternoon just thinking, 'I'm not gonna win.'”

“It really is a category that could go to so many people,” he continues. “There's so many people in that category that had much success and they've worked really hard and they're really well liked in the industry. I think which only adds to the importance of this and it is not missed on us at all, the importance of it, and we are very, very grateful.”

John Osborne also expresses his excitement about the duo’s headlining tour, noting that it’s a great way to kick off 2019. “We just started the tour a couple weeks ago and we're gonna go into the next year and besides this, that's the greatest thing we can possibly do is play for our fans, and we're stoked,” he says.

The brothers are also asked what they do with their awards, to which John replies that they have joked about wanting to wear them around their necks on stage, like Flavor Flav does with his clock. “That would be awful,” he confesses. “I would hate myself if I did that.”

John also reveals that for a long time, he kept his awards in boxes because he didn’t know what to do with them. But then he realized that his 12-year-old self would be like, “Get those damn things out of your boxes right now and show the world!” So now he keeps them out on display for his younger self.

You can watch the full video interview above, and view a clip of their CMA Awards performance with Dierks Bentley below.

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