The Wild Feathers Deliver Haunting Performance Of 'Lonely Is A Lifetime' at Ryman Auditorium: Premiere

The Wild Feathers
Alysse Gafkjen

The Wild Feathers

Performing at the Ryman Auditorium is a special achievement for any artist, but The Wild Feathers' recent performance of their song "Lonely Is A Lifetime" in the famed Nashville venue was particularly remarkable. Though no one was in the audience, that's exactly what made the country-rock band enjoy it so much.

"We wrote ‘Lonely is a Lifetime’ on Gram Parson’s birthday in the room he died in and wanted the song to sound as haunted as the room felt that day," the group's Ricky Young tells Billboard. "An empty Ryman Auditorium felt like the perfect place to reimagine it with the Opry team."

The quartet's rendition -- which is part of the Ryman Unplugged series -- turned out as haunting as they were hoping, their four voices carrying throughout the empty auditorium as they circled around a mic with nothing but their guitars. Their song choice was on-point for the occasion as well, with the chorus asking the eerie question, "And lonely is a lifetime of getting used to being alone/ So where do you go?"

The Ryman isn't typically empty for The Wild Feathers, though, as the Nashville native group has played on the iconic stage countless times, even releasing a full Live at the Ryman album in 2016. But even with no one watching, their performance is just as mesmerizing.

Watch The Wild Feathers perform "Lonely Is A Lifetime" below.