Brett Eldredge's Dog Edgar Is the Star in Adorable New 'Love Someone' Video

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Brett Eldredge,  "Love Someone" (The Edgar Cut)

The country singer gives a whole new meaning to "man's best friend."

On July 14, 2016, Brett Eldredge introduced the world to his adorable puppy Edgar, who he deemed "my new partner in crime." Two years later, the country singer's pup (whose full name is Edgar Boogie) is full-grown, and has clearly become far more than a partner in crime -- he's the apple of Brett's eye.

Eldredge made Edgar the star of his latest music video for "Love Someone" -- "The Edgar Cut" -- which features the dynamic duo doing just about everything together: sharing a candlelit steak dinner, riding along in a motorcycle and sidecar, and taking in a stunning mountain view. Even when Eldredge meets a lady friend, it's all just a bad doggy dream, and the two howl together (no, literally) in the end. 

Though the video is deemed the "Edgar Cut," anyone who follows Eldredge on social media knows his video ode to his pup is no joke. The singer posts about his now 2-year-old companion on a regular basis, even starting the adorable Weizsla his own Instagram page back in 2016. Brett's fans have certainly grown to love his dog as much as he has, as Edgar Boogie has more than 200,000 Insta followers himself.

The "Love Someone (The Edgar Cut)" video follows Eldredge's first video for his current happy-go-lucky single, which showed tour footage of the singer -- and, naturally, a shot or two of his four-legged best buddy.

Feel all the puppy love with The Edgar Cut of "Love Someone" below.