Hunter Hayes Turns His Shame Into Humor in New 'One Shot' Video: Premiere

Hunter Hayes
Brenton Giesey

Hunter Hayes

Anybody who has spent a night out at a bar knows how quickly one drink can turn into one too many, and that's exactly what Hunter Hayes sings about on his latest single "One Shot." As he declares on the chorus of the rowdy party anthem, "I started with one shot/ To have a good time/ Everybody knows how easy one can turn into five."

So what other way is there to depict such a drinking song than by showing all the shenanigans a drunken night can entail? We're talking missing teeth, embarrassing photos, even a llama in the kitchen -- and yep, that's all in Hayes' video for the (literally) spirited track.

“I really wanted the video to portray the humor in looking back at some of my most embarrassing moments and highlighting the fact that it’s really okay to not take yourself so seriously," Hayes says. "So many hidden Easter eggs in every frame of this have their own long story, so I’m proud of taking my shame and turning into something hopefully everybody can get a kick out of."

The animated clip is as fun as the song, which was inspired by real-life wild nights Hayes has experienced -- and the hangovers he's endured as a result. He calls it "a first for me on so many levels," as the "Wanted" singer isn't typically the guy to sing about his drinking escapades. (But those who are fans of Hayes' more earnest tunes need not worry, as "One Shot" follows the release of the emotional and introspective ballad called "Dear God.")

Whether Hayes' next release is hilarious or heartfelt, the 27-year-old is clearly cool with poking fun at himself. And above all, he knows how to turn any situation into a good time.

Check out the official "One Shot" video, premiering on Billboard below.