Jordan Davis Brings 'Take It From Me' to Life Across NYC in New Video: Premiere

Jordan Davis
Eric Ryan Anderson

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis had a whirlwind desert romance in the video for his breakout hit "Singles You Up." So for the visual for follow-up single "Take It From Me," he stepped back and provided the soundtrack for someone else's thrilling love story -- this time with a little city edge.

“We really wanted to mix it up with this video," Davis tells Billboard. "Since ‘Singles You Up’ was shot in the desert in El Paso, Texas, the first thing that came to mind was New York. I love the energy and feeling you get when you’re in it, and thought it’d be a perfect fit for this video."

The big change in setting resulted in a very different storyline from the cute "Singles You Up" video, as "Take It From Me" follows a couple through a night of mischief in NYC that includes pickpocketing and running from cops. As Davis sings the track on dimly lit streets and in a club, the video's troublemaking female lead steals the heart (and the wallet) of a guy she leaves only to run wild with her actual beau -- whom she eventually leaves to escape getting in trouble for her dirty deed.

The rebellious narrative of "Take It From Me" is a play on Davis' lyrics about a relationship that leaves nothing off-limits. “‘Take It From Me’ is a song about the early stages of a relationship when it doesn’t matter what she wants from you, she can take it -- your time, your shirts, anything -- she can have it. I think everybody has gone through that honeymoon phase of a relationship.” 

When it came to bringing that tale to life, Davis knew he could count on his buddy Eric Ryan Anderson to execute his vision. "I wanted it to play on the song but not be too on the nose," he says. "I feel like we kept it fun, and I hope the fans enjoy it."

“Take It From Me” is quickly climbing up the Country Airplay chart -- which “Singles You Up” topped in April -- breaking into the top 40 in just its eighth week on the tally. Davis is currently performing both tunes, along with more tracks from his debut album, Home State, on tour with Jake Owen this summer, and will join Kip Moore on tour this fall.

Check out "Take It From Me," premiering on Billboard below.