Midland Talk Honky-Tonk Bars and Texas Stereotypes at Billboard Country Power Players Event: Watch

Midland’s Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson caught up with Billboard’s Taylor Weatherby at the Billboard Country Power Players event in Nashville on Tuesday (June 5) for a chat about honky-tonk bars and Texas stereotypes.

Midland’s recent music video for “Burn Out,” which features the trio at a two-stepping bar, was inspired by them wanting to capture what a real Texas honky-tonk experience is about. “Billy Bob’s is the biggest [honky-tonk bar],” explained Wystrach, “and probably the most famous honky-tonk in all the world.”

“We just actually sold it out on Saturday and it’s become like a second home for us,” he added, “so that was honestly just kind of capturing what the Texas honky-tonk experience is kind of like…We were just kind of trying to recreate that pure, raw, sweaty, hot, wild Saturday night.”

The band are also asked what some of the biggest stereotypes about Texas are, with Carson chiming in, “I have some barbecue brisket in my back pocket -- is that one of the stereotypes?”

Duddy, meanwhile, jokingly responded that Texas is a “dangerous place. I was just gardening the other day and literally everything that grows natural in Texas can hurt you or kill you, so it’s a rough place. It breeds rough and hearty and sturdy people, so I’d say that’s true. Most everything’s bigger in Texas, that’s true.”

Check out the full video interview with Midland above.