Florida Georgia Line Want to Collaborate With Bruno Mars: 'He's One of the Best in the Game'

At the Billboard Country Power Players event on Tuesday (June 5) in Nashville, Billboard’s Taylor Weatherby spoke with Florida Georgia Line’s ‎Brian Kelley‎ and Tyler Hubbard about receiving the Trailblazer Award, their upcoming Jason Derulo collaboration and they revealed that they would love to hit the studio with Bruno Mars.

Speaking of being the recipients of the Trailblazer Award, Hubbard said, “I think we just try to do what we love and try to make the music that we want to make and play the shows that we want to play and we’re fortunate and feel really blessed that the fans connect with that and they love it.

“We just kind of stuck with that since day one,” he continued. “To be here tonight, considered a trailblazer, that’s a huge compliment.”

Asked which of their many musical collaborations is a standout to them, Kelley named the one with Jason Derulo that will be coming out soon. “We’re just super excited about that,” he told Billboard. “We feel like it’s a song that’s gonna have a big reach and means a lot to us. We co-wrote it all together in the studio.”

The duo also expressed a desire to make some music with Bruno Mars, with Hubbard explaining that he is “one of the best in the game in our opinion.”

“Any time we get to collaborate…it’s not only for them, it’s for us and it’s to learn and to grow and to try to better yourself,” he added. “There’s a lot we could learn from Bruno.”

Check out the full video above to hear much more from Florida Georgia Line.