Keith Urban Watches His New Album 'Graffiti U' Come to Life Through Real Graffiti: Video Premiere

Courtesy of Pandora
Keith Urban

Keith Urban just released his tenth studio album, Graffiti U, which doesn't quite have anything to do with graffiti upon listening to the 15-track LP or looking at its black-and-white cover -- but Urban may argue differently.

"It's very self-expressive, there's no parameters, no boundaries -- I don't feel any sense of anything other than creating," Urban says of the album and the first word in its title. "And the U is to personalize it. It's the first letter of my last name, but it's also you, the listener."

The country star's explanation of graffiti is actually quite similar to the way graffiti artists approach their work, and Pandora wanted to bring that to light with a new video for its "Literally, Literally" series. Giving renowned graffiti artist Troy Duff the Graffiti U album as inspiration for a new piece, the video shows him craft a colorful creation of the word "Electric," the word that stood out to Duff upon listening.

"It symbolizes graffiti -- the energy, the movement of the letters, the bright color pallette," Duff explains of his word choice. Urban enthusiastically agreed that "Electric" is the best word to encompass the feel of Graffiti U, adding that "it denotes so many things." 

Duff's methodology of listening to an album and reacting to it through art resembles the way Urban creates his own work, something that the two bonded over while looking at the finished product. Urban can now use the artwork as inspiration for his next album, as Duff gifted it to him after their afternoon together. 

Wherever Urban decides to put his "Electric" art, it'll always serve as a unique reminder of how Graffiti U is interpreted outside the world of music. "I love that it was a combination of angles, coloring, perspective," Urban says of the piece. "The combination of everything, the way I felt about looking at it. I thought, 'Yeah, that captures a lot of the spirit of the record.'"

Watch Urban's "Literally, Literally" clip below.