Michael Ray Breaks Through the Barriers of Heartbreak in 'Get To You' Video: Premiere

Michael Ray
Allister Ann

Michael Ray

Broken hearts are a familiar topic for any kind of music, but especially country. One of the genre's rising stars, Michael Ray, tells his story of heartbreak in his latest single "Get To You," which the singer-songwriter brings to life in a poignant new video for the song. 

The video, premiering on Billboard today (April 27), sees Ray going through the woes of a relationship, trying to convince his girlfriend that their love is worth fighting for. It's exactly what he sings about in "Get To You," which he reveals is a very autobiographical song. 

"I've been on both sides of this storyline," he tells Billboard. "I'm definitely guilty of putting up walls. I've gone through tough breakups like everyone else, and the one thing I've learned is that no one experiences heartache the same way."

Reflecting on his own relationships as he thinks about the story of the track, Ray adds, "This song serves as a reminder -- it's lyrics make it okay to let go of the past or whatever it is that is holding you back. I never expected the fans to connect to this the way they have. It's really incredible to feel like we're all overcoming that fear and vulnerability together."

"Get To You" is the lead single from Ray's forthcoming sophomore album Amos (due June 1), which he titled in honor of his grandfather. As Ray hinted, the song has been resonating with fans, climbing up the country charts and currently sitting at No. 19 on Country Airplay (dated April 28) -- proving that he certainly isn't alone in experiencing the barriers of heartbreak.

See how Ray's relationship troubles fare in the "Get To You" video below, and pre-order Amos here.