LOCASH on Being Wedding Crashers & Their Love of Camouflage: Watch

LOCASH aren't even from the South -- Chris Lucas is from Baltimore and Preston Brust is an Indiana native -- but they sure love their camouflage. The country duo say hats and sneakers are onstage essentials, but if there's one thing Brust needs on him during a show, it's camo.

In fact, Brust loves the green-and-black design so much, he even uses duct tape with the pattern on it. "Preston is seriously country because he thinks he can fix everything with duct tape," Lucas says. "Like, literally, his pants split on stage one time and he literally duct-taped his pants."

So naturally, when the LOCASH guys decided to crash a wedding a couple years ago, they were sporting their favorite look. They were in the middle of turkey hunting when they spotted a wedding reception, taking their camo getups to the celebration -- and turning the party into a live concert.

"We ended up singing 'I Love This Life' and 'I Know Somebody,'" Lucas recalls. Brust adds that while they weren't dressed for the occasion, they made sure their song was: "And we changed the words from 'I Love This Life' to 'I Love This Wife.'"

The duo is headed to Las Vegas this weekend for the Academy of Coutnry Music Awards. Whether they decide to add some camo to their red-carpet looks or not, tune in to the ACMs when they broadcast live from Vegas on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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