Brett Young's 'Mercy' Video Wasn't as Heartbreaking to Film as It Looks: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Brett Young
Andrew Kautz

Brett Young

When Brett Young returned to his native California to film his music video for "Mercy," the weather was as perfect as can be and the scenery was breathtaking -- quite opposite of the heartbreak the track is about. Even Young admits, "'Mercy' is a song that was kind of born in a desire to break people's hearts," as he says on the video set.

In a behind-the-scenes clip premiering on Billboard today (March 14), Young seemingly has a pretty good time bringing that heartbreak to life, cracking jokes about his acting and laughing with his co-star, Tiffany Brouwer. Heading to New Mexico's White Sands National Monument for day two of filming, the fun continues in a setting as compelling as the video itself.

As the all-smiles shots of Young indicate, life couldn't get much better for the country singer these days. "Mercy" marks his fourth entry on the Country Airplay chart, which he has already topped twice with previous singles "In Case You Didn't Know" and "Like I Loved You" -- spending more time at No. 1 than any other artist on the chart in the past 12 months.

On top of his career success, Young recently got engaged to his longtime love, Taylor Mills, indicating that the pain he once felt with "Mercy" is no more. Young can't help but gush that he's on cloud nine even in the middle of filming a heartbreaking video, but that's also because of the way fans have resonated with his latest breakup tune.

“The fans have always responded to ‘Mercy’ in such a special way, and I think it’s because it’s so relatable and raw," Brett tells Billboard. "Everyone knows that feeling of struggling to move on from a relationship, and the director Seth Kupersmith did such a great job capturing the emotion of the song [in the video]. Filming at White Sands National Monument added a special and beautiful element to the video and really helped bring ‘Mercy' to life."

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage below.