Craig Morgan's Family Talks Opening Up on Camera for 'Morgan Family Strong' TV Series

Christopher T. Martin
Craig Morgan and family.

Being on television is nothing new to country star Craig Morgan. With hit singles such as “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester,” membership into the Grand Ole Opry, and his All Access Outdoors series on The Outdoor Channel, the Dickson, Tenn. resident is very much a natural on camera. However, the same wasn't immediately true for his family, who are the subject of a new reality series, Morgan Family Strong, which premieres this Thursday (March 1) on the UP Channel. Aly Beaird, the daughter of Morgan, said it took a while for the family to become accustomed to the camera like her father, but they all made the transition. “It is a very new thing for all of us,” Beaird tells Billboard. “My brothers and I have been on dad’s outdoors show before. So we’re slightly accustomed to being on camera. But this is a lot more in-depth, a lot more personal. People will be able to see the fun and crazy side of us that you wouldn’t see. We’re letting people in to see what we do.”

The series documents the family coming together following the July 2016 passing of Craig’s son – and Aly’s brother, Jerry – and the family business that evolved from the tragic circumstances.

“I lost my brother a couple of years ago in a boating accident, and dad started woodworking after we lost Jerry as therapy. I started to see some of the pieces that he was putting together, and we were also harvesting honey from our bees. I told him ‘Let’s try to sell this on Facebook and make something of this,'” she recalls – but things developed further than they ever imagined.

“We slowly developed Morgan Farms – a brick and mortar business which none of us have ever done. It’s all been a great opportunity for our family to come together in the midst of something as tragic as losing a family member. We’ve been able to develop this idea into something tangible, and we’re all in it together. It’s been very cool that we’re all able to share something that personal although we are missing something such a huge piece of us.”

For Beaird personally, there are challenges going in front of the camera. “Trying to schedule things with a toddler [is tough]. I have a two-year old, and I like keeping him on as much of a schedule as I can. Between filming and everything, it’s easy for you to get off schedule a bit. I also have to keep my dad from feeding him too many white-powdered donuts,” she says with a laugh.

As they are a family, there haven’t been any family secrets that have come to light during the filming of Morgan Family Strong, but Beaird says they have found out some things about each other. “We’ve learned that we say certain things – my dad says ‘Awesome’ a lot when he’s doing interviews. I say the phrase ‘100 percent’ about everything, and mom is surprisingly real in front of the camera. She beat all of us. We had our money on her being really awkward, but she might be the best one of us all.”

She says her mother Karen’s participation was the most out-of-character for the family. “I think from her point of view – she didn’t want to do this without Jerry – which is very understandable. But, I think as time went one and we talked about it, we felt that he would definitely want to do it, so we all decided to do it together. But, she was still very hesitant. She’s a very private person, so I think it makes her nervous to let people into our everyday lives. But, she does surprisingly well in front of the camera.”

What will the family’s reaction be to seeing themselves on TV? Aly says they will know this Thursday. “I think it will be interesting. We’ll all be watching and thinking ‘Why did we do that?’ We won’t be together that night, so I am sure there will be some FaceTiming going on.” Morgan Family Strong will premiere Thursday, March 1 at 9:30 pm ET on UP TV. Watch an exclusive peek of the series below.


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