Garth Brooks Reacts to 2017 CMAs & Winning Entertainer of the Year Award: 'You Saw the Country Music Family At Its Best Tonight'

Last night (Nov. 8) at the CMAs, Garth Brooks -- who recently earned his first Billboard Hot 100 hit in 10 years with “Ask Me How I Know” -- was awarded the entertainer of the year award and received praise by hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, who referred to him as the “brightest start in the room.” Following his win, Brooks took time to talk to Billboard about what it means to win this award, after decades of thriving as one of country’s biggest superstars. 

Brooks’ speech focused on the importance of family, both biological and musical, that have been instrumental in his success. He finished his speech thanking his wife of 12 years, Trisha Yearwood: “Ms. Yearwood, I am yours forever.”  

Yearwood, who often collaborates with her husband and has become a prominent part of his road team, shared kind words on Brooks’ success (while he jokingly walked out of the interview, bashfully). “He’s my best friend and he’s the love of my life and I think we’ve always been friends so we’ve always been a cheerleader for the other and I understand that if he walks away tonight and he doesn’t take that award home, we’re still good and the same and it doesn’t diminish what this tour has accomplished,” says Yearwood. 

She then added, “As his wife and as his friend, I want it for him and I want it for the crew and the band.”  Once Brooks returned to the interview, he told Billboard “You saw the country music family at its best tonight, I can tell you that.” 

Yearwood and Brooks then celebrated the win on Twitter. 

Watch the entire interview from backstage at the CMAs above.