Easton Corbin's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Easton Corbin
Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP

Easton Corbin performs during The Storyteller Tour at the Allstate Arena on May 17, 2016 in Rosemont, Ill. 

In 2009-2010, Easton Corbin stormed onto the country music scene with a sound that was very familiar to audiences -- just not one that was heard as much lately. The singer was heavily influenced by the legendary George Strait, and it showed on each and every line of his first release, “A Little More Country Than That": so much so that many thought the song was by Strait himself.

Over the years, Corbin has set himself apart from the pack, drawing rave reviews for his music as well as his stage show. He was lauded for his opening set on Carrie Underwood’s Storyteller tour, and the sky seems to be the limit for this native of Trenton, FL.

Here are ten Easton Corbin songs where that talent and drive are very obvious to his fans -- and the masses.

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10. Easton Corbin –“This Far From Memphis”

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Corbin's 2010 self-titled debut album was packed with as many great songs that the average fan isn’t familiar with as the ones that made it onto the airwaves. The singer wrote this pain-drenched ballad with Mark D. Sanders and Carson Chamberlain, with the latter handling production duties for the record -- which remains his biggest seller.

9. Easton Corbin – “Clockwork”

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Paul Franklin’s always dependable steel playing helped to set a moody effect for this 2014 single, which was one of the most effective attempts in an Easton Corbin song to blend his traditional country stylings, yet also be contemporary and fresh at the same time.

8. Easton Corbin – “Let Alone You”

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Another winning performance from Corbin’s debut album featured the singer being surprised by a phone call from out of the blue from an ex that he wasn’t counting on to call. His earnest vocal on the song remains one of his best non-single moments -- and truth be told, as good as most of the singles.

7.  Easton Corbin --“All Over The Road”

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This 2013 Corbin song was about a man who was caught driving under the influence -- but with nary a beer or whiskey bottle in sight. The flirtatious moment may not have got him off with the policeman who pulled him over, but the fun lyrics helped to make the title track of his sophomore album a fan favorite.

6. Easton Corbin – “Lovin’ You Is Fun”

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It wasn’t brain science or calculus, but this 2012 performance was simple and to the point. The first single from his second album, the Florida native was itching to prove that he wasn’t simply a one-hit wonder. With this song, he did just that.

5. Easton Corbin – “Roll With It”

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Again, Corbin knows that the simplest point from the artist to a listener is a direct straight emotional line, and this follow-up to his debut single was hardly the heaviest of lyric -- about a man and his other heading to the beach -- but radio quickly grabbed onto the track, becoming the artist's second straight song to go all the way to the top of the Country Songs chart.

4. Easton Corbin – “Are You With Me”

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You never know where a hit single is going to come from. Corbin released this achingly poignant ballad in 2012 as a track from About To Get Real. The cut remained in album-cut purgatory until a remix from Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies unexpectedly became a major worldwide hit, topping charts in Europe, Germany, and Poland, among many other countries.

3. Easton Corbin – “Baby Be My Love Song” 

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Jim Collins and Brett James contributed this offering to the Easton Corbin song catalog with this warm and inviting mid-tempo number that became the biggest hit single from About To Get Real, peaking at No. 3.

2. Easton Corbin – “A Little More Country Than That” 

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Corbin released this track in the late summer of 2009, and watched as the record -- a tip of the hat to his small-town roots, and being enamored with simple-life activities like trout fishing and listening to George Strait -- slowly inched its way up the charts. By April of 2010, the single finally arrived at the apex of the Country Songs chart, earning a No. 1 hit for Joey+Rory’s Rory Lee Feek, who co-wrote the song.

1. Easton Corbin – “I Can’t Love You Back”

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Ballads are usually a tough sell at country radio, but after two straight No. 1 singles to kick off his career, Corbin issued this song as his third single in November 2010. The lyrics, about a man who realizes that he can’t bring the relationship back -- were some of Corbin's best, and his delivery was immaculate. Still, the slower tempo of the song brought his chart average down a bit, peaking at No. 14 -- more to do with radio tastes than the song.