Stream Chris Janson's New Album 'Everybody' Ahead of Its Release: Exclusive

Robby Klein
Chris Janson

Chris Janson may have convinced you to buy yourself a boat or fix yourself a drink, but come Sept. 22 he's looking to appeal to those he may not have reached yet with his new album, aptly titled Everybody. What makes the title so fitting? Janson's confidence that he's crafted a record anyone can love.

“I don’t want to come off corny by saying ‘There’s a song for everybody,’ but there really is,” the 31-year-old country singer explains to in a statement about the album. “I wanted to make it a diverse record. I didn’t want to be pigeon holed into one sound or approach, so I wrote a bunch of songs that each had their own individual style.”

Janson's sophomore LP features 12 songs all co-written by Janson and some of Nashville's most notable songwriters -- including his latest top 20 Country Airplay hit "Fix A Drink." It was produced by Janson along with Scott Hendricks, Craig Wiseman, Brent Anderson and Chris DuBois (the latter two also co-produced Janson's debut, Buy Me A Boat). If there's one thing the singer wanted to achieve with his latest set, it's letting both old and new fans dig a little deeper into where he's coming from.

“With this one you really get a sense of who I am. No one could ever question if it’s real or not, or if I’m really this guy. I lived all these songs, I wrote all these songs and they all come from an absolutely real place.” He adds, "I come from a dream-big lifestyle and made something out of nothing by working really hard, and I just hope people find happiness and a little bit of themselves in it. To me it’s one of those ‘I still can’t believe this is happening’ things.”

Ahead of the album's Sept. 22 release date, Janson is letting fans have a listen on his official website for 24 hours from Sept. 18 to 19 by simply entering your email address, and Billboard can exclusively reveal that link. Check out the album here and tell Everybody to get a copy on Friday.