Rising Country Singer Stephanie Quayle Discusses Her New Album: 'It's What I Needed to Say'

Stephanie Quayle
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Stephanie Quayle

Quayle's LP 'Love The Way You See Me' is available Sept. 1.

Country newcomer Stephanie Quayle has a little bit of a surprise for her fan base this week. All summer long, the singer has promised them a new album, Love The Way You See Me, on September 8. As it turns out, the Montana native is going to break that promise -- but she's thrilled about the change in plans. Fans will be able to purchase the new set one week earlier, this Friday (September 1).

“I am so excited to surprise the fans,” the singer tells Billboard. “I have literally been on tour across the country doing the Winnebago Tour since June 12, and watching these songs resonate with the fans from the stage, and my words becoming their words -- there's nothing like it. I just want to get the songs in their hands, so to be able to get them out a week early is going to be the greatest surprise.”

Quayle has been overwhelmed by the fan response on tour, which titled after her current single, but in a "mind-blowing" way. After getting to play for 16,000 in West Virginia, she can't help but be reminded of the power of music -- and the fact that she gets to do it for a living. Moreover, traveling around the country in a Winnebago (what else?) has given her a unique opportunity to see the United States in a way that she never has before.

“This was one of those wild ideas I had -- I wanted to go live this song, and the lyrics of it. From the Empire State to the Golden Gate to Mount Rushmore, I wanted to go to a lot of places I had never been before. To be on the eighty-sixth floor of the Empire State Building and performing a song where the lyric says 'Hold your hand at the top of the Empire State,' and watch this sea of people that are taking in the sights that are part of a pop-up concert, I don't know how to put that into words.”

Love The Way You See Me features compositions from some of the top writers in Country Music, including Nicolle Galyon, Stephony Smith, and George Ducas. She's proud to have the cream of the songwriting crop represented on the disc, but stresses that it all came down to the songs. “Most of the time, when we were looking at songs for the record, we didn't know who wrote the songs. It's been really fun to look it at now from the full spectrum of the album -- from the writers that I was able to collaborate with in making these songs that I am extremely proud of.”

After having worked on the album for well over a year, Quayle is confident that the album is a spot-on representation of who she is. Having such an autobiographical body of work ready to share with the shared, she says there will be a feeling of euphoria once Friday rolls around.

“I've had the opportunity to watch these songs resonate and watch the fans react to them for the past few years. Now, it's a beautiful gift that I can fill the whole picture up with that album," she gushes. "Every song was chosen because it made sense, there's no confusion. [Every song] represents what I needed to say, and what I wanted the fans to take away and make their own moments with. Getting to connect the music to help the listeners get through what they are going through, or just let them have fun -- that's the greatest gift of being a songwriter and an artist.”