Read Kim Campbell's Eulogy to Glen Campbell

Lisa Lake/Getty Images
Glen Campbell performs at the Sands Event Center on Oct. 26, 2012 in Bethlehem, Penn. 

Glen Campbell was the type of man who held no secrets. What you saw was what you got. “He was the real deal all the time,” recalled the country legend’s wife Kim Campbell.

Campbell's widow spoke of his honesty and his faith as she shared a eulogy last week (Aug. 24) during a memorial service at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s CMA Theater.

The likes of Brad Paisley and Jimmy Webb attended the invitation-only memorial for the “Rhinestone Cowboy,” who died Aug. 8 at age 81 after a long and well-chronicled battle with Alzheimer's. “Glen was open and honest about his struggles and humbly gave God all the glory for turning his life around,” explained Kim Campbell, who shared the eulogy on Read it in full below. 

“I stand here today to say a final goodbye to my husband – the father of my three children, my best friend and the love of my life.

I’d like to be able to share the ‘real Glen’ with you – the one you’ve never seen or heard before – and tell you secrets about his personality and his quirks, but I can’t. There were no secrets with Glen. He was the real deal all the time. Glen was open and honest about his struggles and humbly gave God all the glory for turning his life around. You’ll notice in any video you see of Glen singing ‘Rhinestone Cowboy,’ that he never failed to point towards heaven when he sang the line, ‘I want to be where the light is shining on me.’

A few days ago, I put on protective glasses to watch the eclipse. It was disorienting.

Everything was so dark. I felt like I had suddenly gone blind. But when I gazed up at the sun, I could still feel its warmth and see its soft glow through the lenses.

Then I noticed a little sliver of pure darkness begin to cover the light.

When I took off my glasses temporarily, everything around me looked fairly normal. The change was very subtle. Almost unnoticeable at first.

But each time I looked at the sun, I could see the darkness spreading, growing, and blacking out the light just a little bit more.

The sun was still there.. and still shining..but it wasn’t as radiant as usual.

Gradually, a little more darkness crept across the sun until the moon almost completely blocked it out – and the world became darker and colder. It was surreal. A strange feeling of fear and sadness washed over me.

It was only when the eclipse was at its totality that I could finally take off my protective glasses for a moment and take a courageous look directly at the face of the waning sun.

Although I was prepared – I’d read all the articles, studied the science, spoken to friends and knew what to expect – it took everything I had to face the sun as it went dark.

And then he was gone.

As I stood there, frozen, a small burst of bright light emerged from one edge of the darkness, changing the total eclipse into a shining diamond ring. On the day I lost Glen,

I felt like I was in total darkness. In the weeks since, I’ve been searching for that new light to emerge from the other side. Waiting for the world to come back to life so that I can see clearly again. As I look at the ring on my finger, the ring that symbolizes the love and light that Glen enveloped me in for the last 34 years, I find immense comfort I knowing that there is light on the other side.”