Billy Currington's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Billy Currington
Joseph Llanes

Billy Currington

When you stop to consider the career of Billy Currington, chances are you might think of love songs. After all, his first number one was the steamy “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right.” And, since then, he’s added plenty of material to serve as inspiration for late night drives and candlelight.

But, a closer inspection of the Billy Currington song catalog reveal a man who can veer outside of his comfort zone from time to time -- with impressive results. Whether singing about the bond with his canine companion, a football team that isn’t going to compete for the state championship anytime soon, or a man who suddenly comes into a fortune by treating a man with respect who has been neglected by his family, Currington demonstrates an uncanny ability to interpret a lyric with a keen sense of observation, one that always seems to strike the right note with his audience. Here are 10 such performances that demonstrate that versatility as an artist!

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10. Billy Currington - "Do I Make You Wanna"

In the most recent Billy Currington song to top the chart, the singer is tenderly asking his lover to reassure him that he’s the one for her. The tune was the third chart-topper from his Summer Forever album -- becoming his first set to spawn as many number ones.

9. Billy Currington - "Don’t It"

Currington used his considerable charm and a sizzling melody to spark the interest of his fan following on this 2014 hit. The lyrics detail a relationship that begins in the heat of passion, but the singer finds that he wants something more.

8. Billy Currington - "Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer"

You’ve gotta have a certain talent, after all. The singer laments many of the things that he’s not particularly remarkable at -- but there is at least one thing that he can do rather well -- drink a beer. Of course, another thing that Currington has done very well is pick great material. In the summer of 2010, this track became his fifth No. 1 hit.

7. Billy Currington - "Like My Dog"

The lyrics weren’t going to net this 2011 hit a Song of the Year honor, but it was impossible not to fall in love with this release about a man who is simply asking his mate to treat him with the same respect as his constant companion.

6. Billy Currington - "Let Me Down Easy"

Husband and wife Mark Nesler and Jennifer Hanson collaborated with Marty Dodson on this 2010 Billy Currington song that remains one of the more romantic songs in his catalog. The record became his sixth No. 1 hit, and has inspired many audience sing-a-longs ever since.

5. Billy Currington - "Don’t"

You can tell that the Savannah, Ga. native listened to his share of Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers growing up, as this record had a definite '80s R&B feel to it that Currington pulled off convincingly well. The track was further accentuated by some nice guitar work from Nashville ace musician Brent Mason.

4. Billy Currington - "Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right"

The simplest path between two hearts is most often a straight line, and nothing affects listeners any more than romance. Jason Matthews and Marty Dodson provided the lyrics for Currington to infuse with a definite feel of sensuality, and the track wound up being his very first No. 1 hit in the final week of 2005, making for an unforgettable Christmas in his memory file.

3. Billy Currington - "Walk A Little Straighter"

As much of a knack as Currington has for a love song, he can also dig deeper lyrically from time to time. A great example of that came in 2003 with his debut single, about a young man with memories of his childhood that weren’t the best -- thanks to an alcoholic father. The lyrics show a person who is determined not to let the same fate happen to his future children. This initial Billy Currington song was one that showed an artist with considerable promise -- who has lived up to every ounce of it.

2. Billy Currington - "Good Directions"

A perfect story song, Currington injected the right amount of humor and wit in this sly story about a man who has a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger at a produce stand. He doesn’t get the woman’s name, but does suggest that she stop up the road at a store up the road for some of “Miss Mable’s Sweet Tea.” The story takes an unexpected twist in the air that put a lot of smiles on listeners’ faces -- as well as the turnip salesman at the beginning of the song. Chances are pretty good that you might have heard of one of the song’s co-writers, who has done pretty well since the track was released in 2006. His name? Luke Bryan.

1. Billy Currington - "People Are Crazy"

Anytime you can record a song with the name of Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter Bobby Braddock listed as a writer, you simply do. The singer notched the song that has become his signature hit -- and a CMA nominee for Song of the Year -- in the summer of 2009. The way the song came about is one of those Nashville stories that you have to love. Collaborator Troy Jones was discussing an idea he had with Braddock about three things in life that one couldn’t argue. Jones came up with the line “God is great. Beer is good. People are crazy,” while Braddock came up with the twist ending where a chance meeting with an older gentleman in a bar turned out to be quite profitable for the song’s subject.